Our Coaches

Head Coach
Brenna Thompson

Brenna started synchro in 1994, after switching from speed swimming and continued swimming synchro for seven years. After retiring as an athlete, she continued coaching in both the Recreational and Novice programs throughout high school and university. She is certified Competition Introduction Synchronized Swimming Coach (NCCP Level 2 equivalent) and has over 15 years of coaching experience. When not at the pool, Brenna is an environmental consultant and spends most of her time outdoors.  Brenna loves to travel and in her spare time, she canoes and hikes with her dog or heads to her cottage.

Novice   Coach
Hannah Jones  

Synchronized Swimming Trillium Instructor
2018-19: Junior Novice Duet
2017-18: Sr. Recreational Team
2016-17: 10&Under Recreational Team
2015-16: 8&Under Recreational Team
2014-15: Solos Assistant
I started swimming six years ago and this is my third year coaching. I like coaching because I get to kids be active at a young age. I also enjoy working with them and teaching them about the sport. My favourite synchro memory is the first time I went to a competition, I was nervous but excited and that feeling has never left even after many competitions!

Recreational Coach
Madeline Fogt

Synchronized Swimming Trillium Instructor
2018-19: AWD Solo
2017-18: Jr. Recreational Team
2016-17: AWD Solo
2015-16: 9-11 Recreational Assistant
This year marks my sixth year of swimming and my third year coaching. I enjoy coaching because I get to teach younger swimmers what I have learned throughout my synchro years. It is very rewarding to see swimmers learn and then perfect figures and routines. I love how teams work together to make something great!

Recreational Coach
Grace Boksa

Synchronized Swimming Trillium Instructor
2018-19: Sr. Recreational Team
2017-18: Jr. Recreational Team
2016-17: 11-12 Novice Assistant
2015-16: 9-11 Recreational Assistant
I have been swimming synchro for six years, and coaching for three years. My favourite part about being a coach is watching the swimmers learn and develop synchro skills throughout the year. The progress and strength they gain throughout the year is amazing! My favourite synchro moments are when the team works together and becomes part of my synchro family! 

Apprentice Coach
Audrey Vieyra

2018-19: Novice Teams Assistant
2017-18: 11-12 Novice Team
2016-17: 10&Over Recreational Team Assistant
2015-16: AWD Solo
I have been involved in synchro for four years. I like coaching because all the kids I have coached are incredibly optimistic and always excited for each practice. I love seeing them work together and share their ideas. My favorite synchro moment was when I showed off my flat splits at dryland. I worked very hard to get them flat and it felt amazing to achieve my goal.

Recreational Coach
Sidney Adema

2018-19: Jr. Recreational
2017-18: AWD Solo
I started synchro three years ago and this is my first year as an assistant coach. My favourite thing about synchro is making new friends and learning new routines. I can still remember my first routine meet where I was nervous, but very excited to compete!

Employment Opportunities

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