Gelling can be fun!

We know some newer swimmers are hesitant to gel their hair; this is perfectly normal.  The gel fixes the hair back so that it does not get in the eyes, and allows the swimmers to wear their team headpieces and/or scrunchies.    

We use Knox unflavoured gelatin mixed with hot water and a little bit of vanilla to gel hair.  It may be applied with a wide paintbrush or fine tooth comb to minimize drips.  The process is NOT painful, but may feel a little uncomfortable as the gelatin dries.  Don't let your daughters pick at the gelatin; any gelatin that gets on the skin can be removed gently with a warm cloth.

The gel is easily removed from the hair with a hot shower and fruit based shampoo/conditioner or some pineapple juice.  The hair will feel quite silky afterwards.

At Halton Hills Synchro; we make Showcase gelling a fun event where the teams come together and have some snacks, get their make-up done and socialize while they get gelled.

This year, Gelling will be hosted at The Poplawski House @ 43 Hamilton Cres. in Georgetown South.  Please arrive with your daughter's hair tied back neatly in a bun.  We recommend a hair net (can be purchased at the dollar store), wrapped around the bun to help keep the bun together.

The gelling schedule is as follows:
2:00pm  Brenna's Novice team, Solos, Duets 
2:30pm Cassandra/Laura F. + Laura M's Novice teams 
3:00pm All Recreational + AWD

We look forward to seeing you there!